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COMER search results summary

QueryP0C6J7, Duck hepatitis B virus (MSA in A3M format)
Query length262
Input typeMSA (A3M)
Resulting MSA (?)N=22, Neff=4.19
Number of hits29
Databasesswissprot90_2022_03, pdb70_220717
Number of profiles390907
Number of positions143238575
Programcomer 2.03.03

N: Number of sequences in the resulting MSA; Neff: Number of effective sequences in the resulting MSA at 62% sequence identity

Search statistics

Reference K ungapped0.1158
Reference λ1.1163
Reference K gapped0.0015
Reference λ gapped0.5611
Query lenght262
Database size143238575
Effective query length262
Effective database size143238575
Effective search space37528506368