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Protein: homologs of sp|P49916|DNLI3_HUMAN DNA ligase 3 OS=Homo sapiens GN=LIG3 PE=1 SV=2

Link to details Structure title PDB ID Resolution, Å Result protein Protein ID Source organism Expect value Protein sequence length Alignment coverage SCOP family Interacts with Interactor ID Interactor source organism Interactor sequence length From SCOP family Interface type Buried surface area, Å2 No. of contacts No. of members in cluster
Crystal Structure of Human DNA ligase IV-Artemis Complex (Mercury Derivative) 3w1b 2.4 DNA ligase 4 3w1b_A Homo sapiens 4.02e-38 610 52% Artemis-derived peptide 3w1b_B 11 hetero, peptide 433.07 33 2

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